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Duo System - Online Lash + Brow Training
Bomb Duo - Online Lash Lifting Training
Lash lifting supplies
Brow Bomb - Online Brow Lamination Training

Use Code "TRAINING" for $50 off all online courses

Use Code "TRAINING" for $50 off all online courses

Lash lifting supplies

Brow lamination allows you to realign the brows, giving them the desired shape your client is wanting. This treatment solves the problem for anyone with messy or hard to manage brows. Brow Bomb creates volume, fullness while giving a sleek, well-kept shape for up to two months. To create the ideal brow you will learn and perfect brow lamination and tinting. We even added in waxing as a bonus!

Already know how to do lash lifts, but not familiar with Beautiful Brows and Lashes Lash Bomb/Brow Bomb product? No problem!
We have two conversion courses that will teach you everything you need to know about these amazing products and how to use them.

In this course, you will learn and perfect the skill of Lash Lifting, Tinting, and Brow Lamination. This duo course will cover everything from client consultation, hair anatomy, to step by step procedure. This course will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to offer these services to all your clients!

Lash lifting, lifts, and curls the natural lashes for up 6 to 8 weeks! In the Lash Bomb, lash lifting course you will receive all the tools and knowledge to confidently offer lash lifts and tints!  This course educates you on everything from insurance policies, how the chemical process works, and even the best aftercare for your clients!

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